TeslaStore Value Added Distributor profile and competences

Teslastore is a scientific-oriented company offering its customers the newest products for life. 
Innovations, futuristic designs and inventions are the field where we play and share our knowledge with our customers. Because our customers are hi-tech enthusiasts too.
So your innovative products will always be welcomed at our pages!

Boring information
Yes, we distribute.
Well, we have our loyal customers.
Hmm, our experience is specified by our origin - it is not easy to survive in Russia so we can invent how to cook an axe or climb without a stairway but prefer sell your ideas for we are lazy to save the world.
130 mln people live in Russia. Finally, we'll knock at everyone's door - we are persistent.
And yes - we are Nicola Tesla fanatics, the greatest inventor and a good man.
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